Will you become more like your mum as you age? Donna Reeves asks mothers and daughters to compare lifestyle notes and asks Dr Warwick Nettle from Dr Warwick Nettle in Bondi Junction if there really is a maternal link to our ageing. Will I age like my mother? It’s a question most of us have asked ourselves, and the answer really is “it depends”. While genetics obviously plays a part in determining the shape of your face and the type of skin you have, your lifestyle is a large factor in how you will age. Unprotected sun exposure in your early years and smoking will hasten the ageing process, with the damage difficult to undo later on. With the help of plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Warwick Nettle we take a look at the Iife styles of mothers and daughters and seek to answer that age-old question. Read the article here: Notebook September issue –