Ok, we get it – after months of thinking about it, you have finally made the decision to have a procedure done by one of our surgeons only to find out that the next available date for a consult is months away – it’s disappointing and we’re very sorry to make you feel this way. Nobody likes to wait, but some things are worth the patience, and our plastic surgeons are definitely worth waiting for.

See it this way: The fact that Dr Nettle is booked out far in advance means that there are many people who want to have surgery with him, and that’s because he is very, very good at his job. Dr Nettle is very experienced in his field, which is why there is such high demand.

We understand that you want your appointment as soon as possible and that other surgeons might be able to get you in earlier, but the decision to get plastic surgery done should not be rushed and neither should the choice of your surgeon. If you are willing to be patient, you will not be disappointed.

So you’ve patiently waited a few months for your consult, you arrive at our clinic only to be told that you have to wait again because Dr Nettle is running late – again, we get it, it’s frustrating. Here’s why Dr Nettle sometimes runs late: He gives every patient all the time they need in their consults, including you. While some patients are sure of what they want, others need more time to have all their questions answered and concerns addressed.

Dr Nettle wants you to feel confident about your decision and will give you as much time as you need during your consult. This can result in delays in their schedules which means you might have to sit in our waiting area a bit longer than you expected. But don’t worry – we have lots of magazines, iPads, and unlimited coffee or tea 😉

We will always try our best to get you in as fast as possible and know that your time is valuable. Just remember: Dr Nettle is worth the wait.