For many of us googling for reviews is the first place we look to get a recommendation whether it’s for a restaurant, product or even a surgeon. This can be a very good way to assess whether what your looking for is right for you. It can provide you with varying opinions and a great insight into a company’s practices. Having said that, it shouldn’t be the only method you choose particularly if you’re looking to book surgery or have a non-surgical treatment.

According to a survey by BrightLocal in 2018 57% of respondents would like a rating of 4 stars or more up from 48% the previous year. This shows that now, more than ever, consumers have a strong emphasis on a high rating when researching a business or product.

The problem with just looking at reviews online is that some of them make be fake. When researching it is important to note many sites do not actively monitor for fake reviews. Some sites are very conscientious and actively monitor what is posted, these include Realself which has a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments posted by patients. Other sites are not closely screened by the administrators thus when a fake review is spotted by the business owner, they can be difficult to take down (the onus being on the business owner to prove the review is not authentic).

With such high standards how do you spot a fake review from a real one? It appears that 18-34-year olds seem to be able to spot fake reviews better than over 55’s, with 71% noticing fake reviews. A review can really make or break a business. Whilst reviews can be a great way to get an insight in to how well regarded a clinic or doctor is, it should be one of many options. There are other ways to judge a business with personal recommendations having more weight than a review online. In the survey by BrightLocal (see link below) 22% were sceptical or didn’t trust reviews as much as recommendations.

Looking at a company’s website is another great way to see before and after photos. At Dr Warwick Nettle, we watermark all our photos with our logo so that it cannot be misrepresented as another surgeon’s work. We recommend looking at reviews, looking on our website and most importantly of all, if you want to know something give us a call. We’re always happy to go through any procedure whether it’s surgical or non-surgical and give you a variety of options.

For more information about our surgical and non-surgical options please call us on (02) 9387 3900 or email