If you’ve done a bit of research about plastic surgery procedures or even had one in the past, you know that the costs involved depend on several factors, such as your insurance and eligibility for a Medicare claim. Especially procedures that require an overnight stay or even multiple nights in hospital can get very expensive as the hospital fees in Australia are relatively high.

For some procedures that are considered to be motivated by a medical issue and therefore have item numbers, your insurance might cover the theatre and hospital fee. However, the government has recently amended eligibility criteria for some item numbers making it harder in certain cases to claim money back. Moreover, some hospitals now bill our patients for overtime spent in theatre.

Our Plastic Surgeons unfortunately have no control over this. This is why some Plastic Surgeons, especially in the U.S., have their own operating rooms which makes them independent from hospitals. In Australia however, setting up your own operating rooms is very expensive and difficult due to Australian regulations, which is why most Plastic Surgeons operate in hospitals.

If you consider having a procedure done with Dr Nettle, please know that while we can only estimate the hospital fees, we will always be transparent about the financial side of things and are happy to explain to you all the costs that are involved. Give us a call on (02) 9387 3900 for more information or to book a consultation.