With the arrival of cooler weather this month it’s important to remember your skin is in for a change. This means it’s time to change up your skin routine to help replenish your skin’s moisture and prevent it from becoming dry, itchy and dull.

Our skin specialist, Maureen Cole has given her top 3 tips for caring for your skin this winter:

1. Moisturise regularly

In the short term loss of moisture causes dryness and dullness, but in the long run it can increase the sensitivity of your skin causing further damage and speeding up the ageing process. During the winter months look for lotions containing “humectants” that attract and lock-in moisture to your skin. The Silkwood Essentials skin care range has been developed to combine a mixture of bioactive ingredients to strengthen the skins barrier, prevent moisture loss and stimulate collagen synthesis.

2. Don’t forget sunscreen

It is a common assumption that people make that sunscreen is only for summer. Although you wear more layers in the winter months, your hands, neck and face are still exposed to harmful UV rays both indoors and outdoors. Daily Defence Moisturiser from the Silkwood Essentials range contains a high percentage, 18.6% zinc oxide which absorbs quickly into the surface without leaving a greasy residue.

3. Commence an IPL laser treatment plan

Winter is the perfect time to start Laser or IPL treatments because of limited exposure to the sun. IPL treatments offer a range of benefits including reducing the appearance of age spots and pigmentation, minimising redness caused by rosacea and improving your skin’s tone and texture. Silkwood’s Winter Goddess Package offer great discounts on IPL treatments to prepare your skin for next spring! To find out more about the Silkwood Essentials skin care range call us on 02 9387 3900