Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are on the rise, with Australians spending an estimated $600 million in 2013 on skin rejuvenation such as fillers, laser and microdermabrasion. With summer now just around the corner many of us want to look our best for the swimsuit season, but with quick results and little downtime. So here are this year’s top 3 non-surgical beauty trends of 2014, to help you look your most refreshed and youthful:

1. Cosmetic injections

Cosmetic procedures like lip injection fillers can enhance a pout, creating the perfect base for the latest season’s bright lip colours. Dr Marjot Campion says “the most common method is to inject dermal fillers to create a lifted and plumped effect, giving the face a youthful touch”. Be bold and accessorise your look with summer’s hottest shades of red, coral and tangerine.

2. IPL laser treatments

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) systems such as elos® can be used on a number of skin types, and on the face, body and bikini areas to create smooth, hair-free bodies and address skin pigmentation issues. Laser hair removal drastically reduces the time spent shaving, with IPL technology removing the base of the hair follicle, ending the follicle growth cycle. IPL can also be used to correct skin pigmentation resulting from sun exposure, blotchiness and wrinkles. With swimsuit season coming up, IPL is the perfect treatment to remove unwanted hair along the bikini line, underarms, and legs so you can head to the pool or beach with no more worries other than wearing sunscreen – a must!

3. Dermastamp

Keeping your skin looking vibrant, young and fresh is hard work. There are many factors working against your skin: UV rays, pollution, allergies, stress etc. Dermastamp uses very fine needles to promote skin stimulation and skin rejuvenation. These tiny needles penetrate the skin at a certain depth and effectively deliver a medial application of growth factors; which help to accelerate the wound healing process and replenish the skin. You will notice fresher skin within 6 weeks of receiving Dermastamp.

These non-surgical procedures have minimal downtime and are a great way of restoring and freshening the face and body for the warmer months. To discuss any of these procedures further, contact