There’s a new injectable on the market promising to reduce the submental fat on your neck which can create an unsightly double chin. It is an area that is impossible to target with exercise and thereby frustrates a lot of people who may be fit and healthy, but still have a lot of fullness under their chin making them seem heavier than they are. So far, there have been two options to reduce neck fat: liposuction and CoolSculpting. With a new fat-dissolving injectable now FDA-cleared, there is a third alternative to tackle the double chin.

The treatment works by injecting the deoxycholic acid (a fat-absorbing molecule)  into the tissue under the chin, which then breaks down the fat cell membranes, allowing the body to eliminate the fat from the body.

This process takes between four to six weeks and most patients will need several treatments to achieve a good result. Side effects are swelling that can last for a few days, and some numbness and tenderness in the area.

It is quite comparable to CoolSculpting, which freezes the fat under the chin and also prompts the body to eliminate a portion of the fat within six to eight weeks. However, there are up- and downsides to both. While CoolSculpting takes about 45 minutes per treatment, the injection can be done in about half that time, but many patients have reported more swelling and discomfort from the injection than from CoolSculpting.

Liposuction is the most effective and immediate treatment of the three as results can be seen straight after the procedure, however, it is invasive and therefore requires a slightly longer recovery period.

At Dr Warwick Nettle, we pride ourselves on only offering treatments that work and don’t pose a high risk to the patient. As the fat-melting injection is very new and still in its “baby shoes”, Dr Nettle will not offer the treatment at his clinic until he is absolutley sure about its safety and any possible side effects.

Until then, you can contact us anytime for a free CoolSculpting consultation or a consult for Liposuction on (02) 9387 3900.

Here are some before and after photos comparing the injectable to CoolSculpting.

Before and after 4 injectable treatments


Before and after one CoolSculpting treatment

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