A big part of our job here at Dr Warwick Nettle is educating patients and managing their expectations. While Dr Nettle can achieve amazing results through Plastic Surgery, he cannot magically make you heal faster.

Depending on the procedure you’re having done, you need to take some time off work to allow your body to recover and heal. A lot of people don’t realize how bruised they will look during the first week post-op, especially after facelifts. Being black and blue is completely normal and nothing to worry about, but everybody’s level of swelling and bruising is different, making it really difficult to give an estimate as to when you will look ‘normal’ again, and be able to move normally again.

However, we have the following guidelines regarding the time you should stay at home for our most common procedures:

F A C E & N O S E  S U R G E R Y:

Eyelid Surgery: 10 days – 2 weeks

Facelift or Necklift: 2.5 – 3 weeks

Facelift and Eyelid: 2.5 – 3 weeks

Browlift: 10 days – 2 weeks

Rhinoplasty: 10 days – 2 weeks

Hairline Lowering: 10 days

Lip Lift: 7 days

These are average times, but it is better to overestimate the time you will require off following surgery, as it is easier to go back to work early than to have to delay your return.

Another reason why we highly recommend taking off more time than you may think you will need, is the mental stress you avoid. If you’re recovering from a procedure and constantly think about the fact you have to be back at work soon and need the bruising and swelling to go away asap, chances are your body won’t play that game and will take even longer to recover. Whereas if you have taken off enough time, you don’t have to stress about speeding up your recovery.

As important as it is to take time off work, you can’t spend your ‘holiday’ running around the house doing things like cooking and cleaning. Especially in the first few days, we need you to rest. Having support from a family member or a friend is therefore extremely important, as well as preparing food and entertainment in advance. See your recovery as a chance to finally read that book you’ve always wanted to read, or watch as much TV as you want without feeling guilty.

When it comes to your post-op diet, we recommend doing a 3-day juice cleanse as it’s extremely common to get constipated after general anaesthetic. The juice cleanse helps get your digestion going while also flushing out any toxins – plus, it’s super convenient!

If you take it easy post-surgery, your body will thank you for it and before you know it, you’ll be back at work making all your colleagues wonder which magical place you holidayed at to make you look so refreshed 😉