The decision to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery (or a cosmetic nose surgery) is not one to be taken very lightly. Many of our patients who decide to commence this operation do so because they are unhappy with the appearance of the nose or due to breathing difficulties. Cosmetic nose surgery involves changing the shape and size of the nose to improve appearance, proportion and sometimes air passage through the nostrils. If these two issues are of major concern, then a rhinoplasty procedure at Dr Warwick Nettle may be right for you.

The nose is extremely sensitive to angles, droop, upturn, nostril show and flare, and nasal width. This is because the nose is the central feature of the face and cannot be overlooked or hidden by makeup, glasses or your hair. At Dr Warwick Nettle, we aim to bring proportion and harmony to the face through the use of symmetry and to develop the best shape and angle of the nose. Our surgeons will evaluate your nasal tip, your bridge, the alar rims, the width of the nose and their harmony to seek out the best possible outcome for your desired nose. Reshaping is conducted through and incision inside the nose or a well-hidden incision on the underside of the nose to either reduce or build-up the size by adding or removing bone and cartilage.

Breathing difficulties
Difficulty breathing is sighted as one of the main concerns when undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, at Dr Warwick Nettle our surgeons apply their training in ENT surgery and reconstructive nose surgery to maximise the function of the nasal airway. In some cases, an internal deformity may be affecting breathing such as irregularity in the septum or problems with the internal side walls of the nose. Adjustments will be made accordingly to improve breathing.


Rhinoplasty is an extremely individualised procedure – every person’s face is unique. To contact us for more information or for a personalised consultation, call us on (02) 9387 3900. Alternatively, read our Frequently Asked Questions on rhinoplasty here.