Don’t you hate all the added-on costs of in hospital procedures? We certainly do and we feel your pain!

Often the hospital and anaesthetic components of a procedure combine to more than double the costs of a procedure.

Did you know that in order to help our patients at Dr Warwick Nettle Dr Nettle performs many in-office procedures?

These in-office procedures are safe to do without a general anaesthetic or a hospital admission and in-office procedures save patients costs associated with hospital admission and general anaesthetic. Not all procedures are appropriate to be done this way, but the following procedures work well, performed in our office mini operating theatre. These procedures are also often done in combination with other larger procedures- obviously if combined with bigger procedures they a hospital admission is required.

Please see the links next to each procedure to read more about each procedure and the expected recovery.

At Silkwood, Dr Nettle performs these in-office procedures on select Fridays. Patients are given a safe mixture of oral sedative and pain relieving medications prior to the procedure   ensuring maximum comfort throughout. Another added benefit of having these procedures in-office is NO FASTING! You are allowed to have breakfast on the day of your procedure (in fact we encourage it).

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