There is no denying that our skin is our most outward sign of inner health and wellbeing. However, smooth and radiant skin is easily lost with exposure to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as sun exposure, poor diet, hormones and smoking, which can add years to your actual age. The outer layers of our skin are the most vulnerable to environmental factors and reflect structural and volume changes in the deeper layers below. Most commonly, the texture of skin is affected by dryness, wrinkles and a build-up of excess dead skin cells as our natural exfoliation processes slow down.

As it continues to warm up this summer, it is important to remember that a healthy glow doesn’t mean a tan. In fact the dark pigmentation of skin as a result of sun or solarium exposure is a sign of skin damage. These are most recognisable as age spots or freckles and are permanent alterations to the skin’s appearance.

Follow these 4 rules this holiday season to keep your skin fresh and glowing:

  1. Cleanse

    to remove excess oils and grime daily.

  2. Exfoliate

    regularly to keep your skin smooth as over time the natural exfoliation process slows down.

  3. Moisturise

    daily to keep your skin hydrated.

  4. Protect

    your skin from the sun by making sunscreen application a part of your daily routine.

Written by Maureen Cole — Dip BTh, ITEC, CIDESCO IFA, AABth

Maureen Cole is a paramedical aesthetician with more than 20 years of experience in the skincare industry. She has completed diplomas with ITEC and CIDESCO, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Beauty Therapy, a Certificate in Advanced Skin Analysis and a Certificate in Paramedical Aesthetics.