Here are our Top 5 Spring Skin Care Tips:

The weather is warming up! We’re all ready for it, but chances are our skin is not! Before you put away your coat and pull on your shorts, you need to get your skin into shape. At Dr Warwick Nettle, our skincare professionals perform a variety of treatments for younger, more luminous looking skin. Patients at our Sydney practice often choose to have one of these skin treatments after undergoing facial cosmetic surgery, such as facelift or eyelid surgery, in order to enhance their rejuvenating results. Whether you’re considering plastic surgery, a cosmetic skin treatment or you just want to bring life back to your appearance, make sure your skin is ready with these helpful spring skin preparation tips:

1. Exfoliate from top to bottom – It’s likely that your skin is in a slump from the colder months. Exfoliating your body from head to toe is a quick and easy way to combat dull, dehydrated skin cells and bring life back to your skins appearance. Laser skin resurfacing, FotoFacial™ IPL, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are all effective methods for achieving younger, more luminous looking skin and even help get rid of fine lines and sun spots. Prepare for these treatments by body brushing your skin before you shower to increase circulation to your skin.

2. Switch your skincare products – As the weather warms up your skin is likely to produce more oils and sweat which means you need to adjust your beauty regime accordingly. Don’t underestimate the power of a foaming face wash for removing dirt, oil and sunscreen. If you tend to break out, using a toner that contains salicylic-acid will help to keep your pores clear. And don’t forget to use a daily moisturiser to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated.

3. Wear a moisturising sunscreen everyday – Warmer weather means being outdoors. Protect your skin by applying a moisturiser or foundation with at least SPF15 every day. Even on cloudy days, our skin can be damaged by the sun’s harmful rays, and it accounts for a great deal of premature aging. Turn it into a habit, and you will be thankful in the future.

4. Don’t forget your hands and feet – It’s the season for bold nail colours and statement sandals, so either treat yourself to a salon quality mani-pedi, or give yourself one at home. Many women often neglect their hands and feet, but it’s important to realise that more than just fine lines and pigmentation, hands are also an early sign of aging. Volumising fillers are a simple, safe and effective rejuvenation treatment for plumper, younger looking hands.


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5. Fight cellulite and fat the fast way – Now that you’re shedding your clothes, it’s a good time to shed some of the extra winter weight we all too often fall victim to. The quickest and easiest way to tone up and slim down is to use body contouring and liposuction techniques. These treatments are not reserved for the severely overweight. They can be used effectively for the removal of small localised fat deposits as well as the lipectomy of larger areas. Maintain your results by making small changes to your everyday lifestyle – one idea is to trade in your daily coffee for green tea instead. It is great for weight loss and a good antioxidant!

To learn more about or to schedule an appointment for dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or another treatment offered at our Sydney practice, please contact Dr Warwick Nettle today Let’s have a fantastic spring and an even better summer! Stay well.