Choosing the right skincare product is important for maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin. But with so many products on the market, how do know which product will work best? Silkwood’s skin specialist, Maureen Cole, says the first rule for choosing the best product for your skin is to select serums opposed to creams. Here’s why:

In a general sense serums are much lighter and faster-absorbing than skin creams or lotions. The biggest difference is that serums are water-based and do not contain oils to keep water from evaporating. As a result, serums then result in the active ingredients penetrate the skin faster and more effectively. Maureen says, ‘the benefit of using a great serum is that most of the fluid is eliminated which leaves you with a very high concentration of anti-ageing ingredients – around 10 to 15 times more than skin creams. Another key benefit of serums is their ability to penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering active ingredients to where they are needed.

Whilst there is a cost difference between serums and creams, the high potency of serums means that a 30ml bottle should last months. The Silkwood Essentials bioactive skincare range is all about getting back to the basics with an easy to follow and time-friendly skincare regime. The specially formulated A, B and C serums contain active ingredients for promoting cellular growth and repair. These lightweight serums are designed to work together to bring the treatment quality of an in-clinic facial to your everyday routine – smoothing lines and wrinkles, reversing UV damage, evening skin time and texture and stimulating collagen synthesis.

To find out more about each of these serums click to read our brochure: Silkwood Essentials Bioactive Skincare