Getting the Best Out of Your Skin with Dr Warwick Nettle Skincare

We are very picky with the skincare we stock at Silkwood. Over the years we have stocked many different ranges but are always on the look out for something that suits our customers needs. For the past few years we have had our own branded skincare which we believe delivers fantastic results for our clients.

We like to keep the range small so that it’s easy to use without numerous steps within a skincare regime as we know time is precious to all of us. We know you want results without putting in a huge amount of time and effort. Our customers realise that this is an investment in their skin.

So, what’s so great about our products?

Firstly, all our products are fragrance free with no artificial colours. Both ingredients increase the level of irritation on the skin. Our products contain no parabens or Propylene glycol (a petroleum- based ingredient). We also do not use mineral oils and petrolatum in our skincare range. Further- more, all our products are not tested on animals.

Whilst we have no nasties in our products, we have plenty of great ingredients.

Our active ingredients are used in high concentration to give your skin the nourishment and stimulation it needs at a cellular level. All our ingredients are chirally correct which means the are geared to the active receptor on the targeted cell. Our cells in our body have an active or an inactive receptor for nutrients in to the cell, these can be the left or right receptor depending on the cell target. This technology is used when drugs are administered so that they can be received where they will have the most affect. You are probably familiar with L-ascorbic acid (a form of Vitamin C). The L stands for Levo which means left, therefore the left receptor in this case is the best one be accepted by the cell.

Our active ingredients are certified organic wherever possible which means they are pesticide free. Although our ingredients are sourced worldwide our skincare is locally made. They contain some local ingredients including Kakadu plum which has a high concentration of antioxidants as well as being one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C.

If you would like to try our products now would be a great time as we have 15% off all skincare for the month of December. If you need help to tailor a skincare regime to your needs and lifestyle our Dermal Clinician Chrys will be more than happy to assist. Call us now to book a complimentary skin assessment on (02) 9387 3900