During consultations some common question we get asked are:  What will I look like? How much improvement will I expect to get? What percentage of improvement will I see? Whilst these are all valid questions, the reality is we cannot always predict the results you will get. When it comes to treatments like BBL (broad band light) for pigmentation and redness, there can be a great deal of clearance on the first treatment, but it will need subsequent treatments to lighten pigment and lessen redness. Notice that we say lighten not remove pigment as the reality is that the moment you go out in the sun, or stop diligently applying sunscreen, the pigment will start to come back. Redness can be due to genetic causes or from a skin-gut link which makes permanent reduction impossible without lifestyle changes. Does this mean that you should not have a treatment? Quite the opposite. You came for a consultation because the pigment/redness bothers you. We can offer solutions to make your skin look better.  You also get the bonus of skin rejuvenation when three treatments are performed as BBL stimulates collagen production.

Coolsculpting and Ultherapy are also areas where a predicted percentage of improvement can be seen but everyone reacts differently. With Ultherapy the results tend to be subtler, with a more defined jawline, and a lifting of the brow area the most common responses. Coolsculpting can have quite dramatic effects for some, but not as much for others. Again, a great result may be perceived as not enough which is where unrealistic expectations come in. We live in a world in which we are bombarded with perfection with celebrities flaunting amazing skin and bodies. We forget about filters and photoshop and start to look at our own flaws. We then start to harbour unrealistic expectations of ourselves and what we can achieve. Whilst there are many ways we can improve skin and our bodies; a holistic approach is needed with lifestyle changes such as eating healthier and avoiding too much sun exposure.

One area where there is a huge increase in unrealistic expectations is cosmetic plastic surgery, whilst great results can be achieved it is not a magic wand to clear up all skin concerns. If your lines are deep prior to surgery, a facelift will not smooth out all your lines. It will make your skin tighter and give a better contour however, any deeper lines will still be apparent though not as deep. A Microlaserpeel to improve the skin’s texture combined with a Profractional treatment to target the deeper lies is a great add on and very beneficial. Another misconception is that facelifts will brighten your complexion due to less sagging. Whilst you will have a fresher look, the pigment and redness will still be there so it’s always a good idea to treat them post-surgery.

Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are a lot easier to predict as, particularly with fillers, you can assess and ‘see’ the progress during a treatment. This is especially beneficial for patients that do not want to look ‘done’. To look fresher, we recommend a combination of treatments which can be discussed at your consultation.

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