Dr Nettle was honoured to be invited to speak at the 37th Aston Baker Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium in New York (Dr Nettle is pictured here with Dr Aston and Dr Baker). The Cutting Edge invites top Plastic Surgeons in their field from all over the world to discuss the latest and greatest advanced rejuvenation techniques of the face, breast and body.  Dr Nettle was asked to present on advanced techniques in hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery, facelift, neck lift and lower eyelid surgery.

These lectures set the gold standard for advanced cutting edge surgical techniques to improve outcomes for patients. Dr Nettle was also on 5 panels as an expert commenting on difficult cases from all around the world.

Dr Nettle was invited to join the International Super Neck Surgery Group, a group of Plastic Surgeons who share techniques and ongoing improvements for achieving optimal outcomes in neck and jawline rejuvenation surgery.

Dr Nettle is always learning and always perfecting his techniques, as advancements in our industry happen so quickly. In particular, there are many great advancements in facial rejuvenation and neck surgery internationally. As an example, Dr Nettle recently did a face and neck lift on a bald, male patient using a quilting technique demonstrated at The Cutting Edge. It is more difficult to hide incisions in bald patients compared to those patients with hair, and this new technique allowed an excellent result in this patient due to the smaller incisions required.

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