Many patients come for consultations expecting a magic wand to banish all their skin problems. Often, they have many concerns and would like one laser or treatment to treat them. This is not always possible, though it is understandable to think this way. With social media, celebrities and Instagram flooded with photos of perfectly smooth skin that is wrinkle free, it’s not unreasonable to assume that it is an achievable task for us mere mortals. Except the reality is that much of what you see is down to lighting, angles and filters. While we can achieve these photos with our smart phones we cannot always achieve a flawless complexion. The best way to look at it is to try and be a better version of yourself. The yardstick should be your own skin and what can be done to make it as good as possible.

Many patients are quite surprised when the benefits of a treatment can only work for a certain amount of time. You can stimulate collagen production but to keep getting results you still need to keep stimulating it. Hence, it is an on-going thing. Celebrities and media figures do not tell you that they constantly have treatments to look this good. There is no magic treatment. The same applies to skin care. There is no special cream that will fix all concerns or treat all issues. That’s why using a dedicated range of skincare can do wonders for the skin’s integrity and help optimise the skin. Similarly, with treatments that are tailored to your needs you can achieve healthier looking skin.

At Silkwood we are constantly educating our patients to aim for realistic results for both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Surgery can help lift and tighten the skin, but it cannot change the texture or skin imperfections. That’s why surgery and aftercare go hand in hand. We want to make sure you look and feel good. A prescriptive skincare regime will go a long way to making your skin look and feel more refreshed and hydrated. Using the right kinds of active ingredients including vitamin A, B and C can really make a difference to your skin.

Skin treatments with peels, lasers and BBL will help improve the texture and tone of your skin minimising redness, capillaries and brightening the skin. We always conduct a full consultation prior to any treatment and offer you options on which treatments and skincare are suitable for you. We consider your lifestyle and work to make sure the treatment plan we put in place is sustainable and manageable for you.

If you would like to come in for a consultation with our Dermal Clinician Chrys please call 02 9387 3900 to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can email Chrys on if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to Dr Warwick Nettle.