Many people have sagging eyebrows giving rise to a tired, and unhappy appearance. Low eyebrows often exacerbate the appearance of fullness and excessive loose skin of the upper lids.

Upper eyelid surgery by itself is not always appropriate to remove the excessive skin of the upper lids, especially when the eyebrows are in a low position.

Brow Lift surgery has traditionally been a relatively complex procedure requiring general anaesthesia in hospital and with potentially significant downtime.

Dr Nettle is pioneering a different form of Brow Lift surgery in Australia. Invented by an Italian Plastic Surgeon, the technique is far less traumatic and has far less downtime than the currently used brow lifting techniques.

Transcutaneous Brow Lifting is suitable for both males and females and the only requirement is to have a modest amount of eyebrow hair. This is necessary for incision camouflage. In women, further camouflage can be gained by cosmetic micro tattooing of the incision area if needed or desired.

The procedure can be performed as a stand-alone procedure in the office using local anaesthetic. It can also be combined with eyelid surgery, facelift surgery or other facial rejuvenation procedures in hospital under a general anaesthetic.

As a stand-alone procedure, down time is 7-10 days and the results are essentially permanent.

This brow lifting procedure is very much suited to those who need the outside part of the brow elevated but who’s central brow is already in a good position and does not need elevation. Those needing a degree of central brow elevation, or excision of the frown muscles between the eyebrows, are not suited to this procedure and need the more formal, more involved brow lift procedure done in hospital under a general anaesthetic.

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