Dr Warwick Nettle Plastic Surgeon Dr Warwick Nettle says natural-looking, long-lasting results to reverse the signs of facial ageing can be achieved through facelift surgery.

The term ‘facelift’ has acquired misleading connotations over time, which has led to people being fearful of appearing overdone and tight, which Dr Nettle believes has deterred people from discovering the natural looking results that are possible and paramount in facial rejuvenation surgery.

Over the past 10 years, the leap in techniques and technologies involved in facial rejuvenation has not only made natural-looking results possible, but has also allowed better understanding of the ageing face. Dr Nettle explains that these advancements have allowed us to recognise that ageing characteristics are, in fact, largely due to the deflation that takes place in the face resulting in changes to the bone, muscle, fat and skin – with each impacting each other. The visible signs of ageing were once solely attributed to loose and sagging skin, but now a more all-encompassing process is recognised.

Alongside this deeper understanding, the improvement of technology and techniques has enhanced results after surgery. Dr Nettle states that emphasis should be on preservation and relocation of tissue layers, instead of simply tightening the skin which was done once upon a time. Now during modern facelift surgery, adjustments are made to the underlying muscle and tissues, before re-draping the skin over the newly-defined contours – which assists in creating natural looking results.

However, Dr Nettle says that in order to achieve natural-looking results, the face must be addressed as a whole, and patients often end up looking to combine a number of procedures to create optimal results. He says that most people recognise major issues that need addressing – eyelids, neck and jawline for example – but end up neglecting the mid-face leading to less than satisfactory results.

Dr Nettle believes that there are two main causes of unnatural looking facelifts. The first is when the face is tightened without replacing any of the volume lost as a result of ageing, and the second is a result of disharmony caused when the jaw and neck is tightened but the mid-face is left to sag. A facelift alone may be suitable for younger patients, but those above the age of 45 are recommended to have the procedure performed with subsequent procedures performed over time. It is through combining a number of procedures and performing surgery earlier rather than later, that patients achieve the most natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Post-surgery, Dr Nettle recommends taking certain lifestyle measures to help improve and maintain the results of anti-ageing procedures. He advises that patients should maintain a healthy diet and exercise to maintain their results. While some patients may use anti-wrinkle injectionslaser therapy and dermal fillers following their rejuvenation surgery, an effective skincare regime, including Vitamins A and C, will also help in preventing visible signs of ageing and preserving a youthful complexion.

This article originally appeared in the May issue of Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine. Click here to view the original article.