A Message From Dr Nettle

One of the things I am proudest about is our multi-talented team at Dr Warwick Nettle. Many people have seen the Dr Warwick Nettle practice featuring on Channel 7’s “10 years younger in 10 days.” Silkwood was chosen not only because of the very experienced and talented people we have but because Silkwood is a fairly unique practice in Australia.

Very few practices have the ability to perform surgery in the office, do injectables and non-surgical skin enhancement as easily and efficiently, and coordinate well as a team doing this.

Many people have asked me “was it truly 10 days?” The answer is yes, in fact we had our patients doing their “reveal” generally 8 or 9 days after surgery or injectables! And most were running or going to the gym or playing squash within 2-3 days – although I wouldn’t regularly recommend this. Fast recovery procedures are gaining in popularity, and there is a world of minor surgical procedures, cosmetic injectables and facial skin enhancement procedures that can be explored at Dr Warwick Nettle.

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The Dr Warwick Nettle team have been showing us what they do best – creating beauty. And with a wide selection of options and available treatments, the team will tailor a treatment program for your specific needs.

These packages are 100% flexible. In consultation with our team, your personal program will be developed to suit your current skin condition, your goals and your budget. So whether you want ‘just a small change’ or a ‘just back from holiday’ look, whether you prefer a ‘no-needle zone’ or are happy to ‘back up the truck’, we would be happy to help you achieve your own natural-looking beauty.