An increasing number of people are turning to lip lift surgery as a relatively simple way to take years off their appearance.

As we age, the upper lip lengthens and the upper teeth show less with smiling and talking. Many people (both men and women) are aware that there is something about their facial proportions that make them look older and which they do not like. However, almost everyone has difficulty pinpointing exactly what this is. Many turn to injectable lip fillers in an attempt to remedy this situation, but fillers are not the answer for the ageing changes caused by lengthening of the upper lip.

Of course, some young people are unfortunate to naturally have a longer upper lip. The transformation of their face by shortening the upper lip is nothing short of remarkable.

So too with the ageing lip, an upper Lip Lift can remarkably alter facial proportions for the better, creating a younger, shorter, slightly fuller upper lip with youthful dental show when smiling and talking.

The Lip Lift procedure is becoming increasingly popular with both younger and older clients, male and female. The procedure can be done in our office with local anaesthetic and takes approximately 1 hour. The incisions blend into natural curves and creases at the base of the nose, becoming virtually undetectable within weeks.

For those seeking fuller lips, the Lip Lift itself slightly increases lip fullness. Further fullness can be achieved using injectable fillers 3 weeks after the procedure. The reason fillers are not used at the time of surgery is because the fullness achieved from the surgery itself needs to be assessed prior to adding any filler.

Down time is about 7-10 days and the results are permanent.

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