In every workplace we are expected to follow rules and regulations to keep us safe. Workplace health and safety is an area where we must all comply so that we maintain a safe working environment for ourselves and others. If we do this in everyday life, why is it so hard to do when it comes to following guidelines for our own wellbeing? Whether it’s adhering to a strict schedule when taking antibiotics or following a treatment plan on what you should and shouldn’t do post-surgery or treatment, most of us fail. We seem to take care of everyone around us but place less emphasis on looking after ourselves.

When it comes to post surgery and post treatment it pays to follow the Doctor’s and Clinician’s advice. We have tried and tested methods to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. Some things are non-negotiable. For example, when having an ablative laser procedure for the face, ceasing application of Retin A for one week prior till at least three weeks post treatment is a necessity.  This ensures the skin heals before we can start increasing cell turnover. The same applies to surgery. Ceasing smoking a few weeks prior and for a period post-surgery will ensure better healing. Your body needs Vitamin C to heal. Smoking not only asphyxiates the cells and starves them of oxygen, it also depletes Vitamin C which is crucial in the wound healing process for repair.

Before performing treatments, a thorough medical history is taken. This is to ensure medications do not interact with treatments. With BBL, some anti-depressants can be photo-sensitising so it’s important that you let us know all the mediations you are taking. Auto-immune diseases can have varying impact on healing therefore, they must be disclosed to provide you with an accurate assessment. This ensures a safe and comprehensive treatment plan based on your condition and requirements. Compliance is paramount to ensure the right treatment is chosen. Surgery carries risks that can be managed if the patient advises us of their condition.

At times, failure to disclose is merely an oversite and gentle probing often gives us the answers we need. Some patients wrongly assume they will not be treated if they are taking certain medications, or believe it is not necessary for us to know all their medications or conditions. If we do not have a complete medical history, we cannot do our job properly. I have been about to do treatments and have had patients tell me,’ oh I forgot I’m taking antibiotics’ or, ‘I started using a new retinol product last week.’

Pre and post care are important areas to consider before undertaking any treatment and your ability to comply will influence the outcome. If you love being outdoors and do not want to wear sunscreen, or avoid the sun, then a BBL treatment for pigmentation is not the right solution for you. This requires sun avoidance two weeks pre and post care therefore, it would be better to do Microneedling which doesn’t affect your lifestyle.

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