Conscious that your forehead does not balance with the rest of your features or looks larger than normal? Having a big forehead and a receding hairline can be a major source of embarrassment. We get it but don’t panic, we are here to help!

Whether from hereditary or other causes, as many as 20% of all women have what can be described as a high hairline. This can be considered a masculine characteristic and a high hairline can also lead to an older appearance. A high hairline or excessively high forehead can make an individual feel very self conscious and limit which hairstyles to wear as you are constantly worrying about camouflaging the forehead. Forehead reduction surgery or hairline lowering surgery can be used to reduce an excessively high hairline or large forehead in both men and women.

Traditionally the female hairline starts between 4 and 6 cm above the eyebrows. ‘Typically, the hairline should start at around the transition point between the vertical forehead and the point where the forehead starts to slope backwards towards the scalp,’ explains Dr Nettle. ‘It can look relatively unattractive if the hairline starts well above this transition point.’

Dr Nettle, one of Australia’s most highly regarded facial plastic surgeons, has performed this operation on many patients. ‘It is an amazing procedure purely because of the vast difference it can make and often to peoples surprise. It really can appear to make the face more youthful, balanced and has a dramatic increase on confidence to those patients who have struggled with this body concern for years.”

The amount of hairline lowering is determined by your scalp and forehead laxity in other words how easily you can move it backwards and forwards. Usually 2-3cm can easily be achieved, often more. The procedure takes approximately 2 – 2 1/2 hours and is normally performed either under general anesthetic or intravenous sedation. Best of all, the hairline lowering procedure gives permanent improvement and does not need to be repeated.Dr Warwick Nettle hairline lowering blog 02 Dr Warwick Nettle sydney
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