Perfect Lips are hard to come by.
At Dr Warwick Nettle we create Beautiful Lips
So you can smile with confidence With Younger, more Sensual Lips.

The Modified Lip Lift

It’s amazing how rejuvenating a lip lift is.
Long term follow up photos show that thinning and lengthening of the upper lip is the most ageing of all changes that occur in the face over time.
Lip lift surgery will shorten the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip and give more tooth show when speaking and smiling.

As we age the bone of the facial skeleton fades away. The holes or apertures for the nose and the eyes increase in size as this bony skeleton fades. The muscles which keep the upper lip in position attach to this bone which is fading away like a melting iceberg. This slowly and irreversibly causes less support of the upper lip, which consequently falls.

Young people routinely have a smaller distance from the base of the nose to the vermilion (red) of the upper lip than older people.
When speaking less of your upper teeth show. In fact, as we age, we see less of the upper teeth and more of the lower teeth. Younger people generally have fuller lips. As we age the lips get not only longer but thinner.

Lip lift surgery is an extremely effective procedure to make you look younger. The Modified Lip Lift can shave many years off of your appearance, and restore a more youthful length of the upper lip.
The Modified Lip Lift is a modification of the sub-nasal or bullhorn lip lift designed to work on the deep plane of the lips, while also incorporating support from the inside of the nose to prevent stretching of the incisions. Modified Lip Lifts achieve a very natural and sensuous look.

A Modified Lip Lift is usually performed under local anaesthetic in the office and we remove stitches six days after surgery. We recommend that most people take two weeks off of work as the area can look quite swollen in the first instance.
Lip injections to increase their fullness with HA fillers can be extremely beneficial. However, in some people this may make the lips look heavy and can lead to a duck-like appearance. Many people want longer lasting results to increase their lip fullness – Lip lifting is a natural-looking, permanent procedure.