A facelift can be life-changing for our patients. It’s a big procedure and consequently a big decision to have one, but the vast majority of people are over the moon with their result and the confidence it gives them.

A good facelift can restore a youthfulness and vitality that you might have missed seeing in the mirror for many, many years.  But it’s more than just ‘pulling back some skin’.

Facelifts are complex procedures targeting many aspects of the facial appearance, including the underlying muscles, the fat and the neck, so an artistic eye as well as incredible attention to detail are necessary to achieve a harmonious, natural-looking result.

Your surgeon needs to have a deep understanding of the facial anatomy, which is something that can only be achieved with years of experience and proper training.

That’s why the first important aspect when choosing a surgeon is to go with an accredited Plastic Surgeon instead of a Cosmetic Surgeon or some who call themselves a  ‘Facial Plastic Surgeon’, who may instead be a GP or an ENT surgeon with little experience and different qualifications compared to a real Plastic Surgeon.

Unfortunately, in Australia, the regulations regarding titles like “Cosmetic Surgeon” and “Facial Plastic Surgeon” are a bit blurred, making it legal for inexperienced GPs and ENTs to call themselves something that people associate with higher qualifications.

The difference between an ASAPS accredited Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon is that a Plastic Surgeon underwent at least 6 years of medical school + 1 year internship + 2 years surgical residency + 2 years general surgery training + 4 years plastic surgery training + 1 year plastic surgery Fellowship = 16 years of training to acquire the title of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

A so-called ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ might only have performed surgery a couple of times, but can still legally call themselves that.

Of course, Dr Nettle is an ASAPS accredited Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in facial plastic surgery. He has performed thousands of facelifts throughout his extensive career as well as trained with the best in the business.

Dr Nettle is known for his beautiful, natural-looking facelift results and is regularly asked to speak to the media and at international conferences and symposiums.

He uses the latest techniques in Plastic Surgery and only operates in accredited facilities to ensure the safest environment for his patients.

If you’d like to book a consultation with Dr Nettle, call us on (02) 9387 3900. Until then, have a look at Dr Nettle’s patients’ facelift results that speak for themselves.