Neck Liposuction

Many people carry a modest amount of fat under their chin and can benefit from liposuction of the neck. This improves jawline definition and contours the neck, giving a more youthful and elegant profile. Liposuction of the full neck can be a quick, safe, effective method of reducing a double chin. The benefits are immediate and long-lasting. The results achieved will be influenced by bone structure, skin texture, hereditary and how much and how long the fat has been in the neck.

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The Procedure

Not all “beefy” or full necks are due to excessive fat. The salivary glands, muscles and bones of the neck and jaw may all contribute to a full neck, and it may be more appropriate to work on these to produce a more slender, elegant neck. A thorough evaluation of your specific situation is performed at your consultation and your options for producing a sharper angle of the neck and jawline will be discussed.

Liposuction of the neck is performed in the office under local anaesthetic with oral sedative tablets, or may be performed in hospital as a day only procedure using a light general anaesthetic. Liposuction of the neck can be a standalone procedure, or can be combined with a facelift, neck lift, chin implant, or any other facial rejuvenation procedures.

In neck liposuction, several 3 mm well-concealed stab incisions are made to administer local anaesthetic containing a blood vessel constrictor (to limit bruising and bleeding). These same incisions are used to remove the fat using a small suction cannula.
The incisions are so small they are generally not stitched, as they seal themselves within 24 hours.

Cotton wool and a neck dressing are applied for the first day or so. These may be removed the day after surgery and you can have a gentle lukewarm shower.
Most people having liposuction of the neck are back at work within a week or so.


Liposuction of the neck is suitable for men and women in their 20’s to 50’s who have a double chin but who don’t have excessive sagginess or looseness of the lower facial and neck skin. If there is excessive skin looseness, a procedure that tightens the skin may be more appropriate.

Liposuction of the neck is commonly performed in the office under local anaesthetic with oral sedative tablets, but can be performed in an accredited hospital under light general anaesthetic if desired..

Effects of neck liposuction are immediate and long lasting. Once the fat is gone it is gone for good, provided you maintain a relatively stable weight

Generally, there are 4 incisions of 3mm each hidden in the chin crease and around the ears. These are barely noticeable at first and even less so with time.

There are no Medicare rebates for liposuction of the neck, as this is considered a cosmetic procedure.

Dr Nettle will see you a few days after your surgery, and then follow-up appointments are made as needed on an individual basis.

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