Dr Nettle believes in a holistic approach to beauty and health. While his facelifts may take years off your appearance, long-lasting youth and beauty comes from a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular fitness exercise.

In his day to day life, Dr Nettle ensures he is giving his body nutritious food that keeps him going on those long days in theatre, as well as doing regular exercise for the body and mind, such as running, yoga, and meditation.

But on top of that, Dr Nettle goes on a yearly detox fitness holiday in Phuket, Thailand, to fully focus on resetting the body and soul – especially after the silly season in which we all tend to overindulge on food and alcohol.

Dr Nettle spent the first week of 2017 at Phuket Cleanse, a retreat which offers a wide variety of fitness classes and raw, organic food in a spectacularly beautiful resort by the beach.

During his stay, Dr Nettle improved his fitness with daily morning hikes and Muay Thai boxing classes with world-leading fighters, got hot and sweaty in an infrared sauna, and relaxed his muscles in an ice bath to only name a few of the activities offered.

Daily exercise was accompanied by raw plant-based food tailored to everyone’s needs and taste. Because the food is highly nutritious, you never feel hungry and are giving your body a chance to eliminate cravings.

Ongoing education on topics such as science, nutrition, and the environment is something Dr Nettle finds extremely important, which is why he especially enjoyed the educational classes with some of the world’s top speakers and experts in their fields. Learning something new every day keeps your mind fresh.

At Phuket Cleanse, everybody is welcome no matter their age, size or fitness level. Dr Nettle loves meeting people from all over the world at the retreat who all share the same goal, a healthy, happy life.

Now that he feels fit, healthy, and recharged, Dr Nettle is back in Sydney and looks forward to meeting his patients for 2017.