Malar mounds, also known as festoons, are the puffy bags that appear between the lower eyelid and cheek as people start to age. A common issue among both male and female patients, they can range from mild to severe and are greatly influenced by genetics.

They can occur at any age but are more frequently revealed as facial volume is lost during the ageing process. Caused by fluid buildup above the transverse ligament in the mid face, they can swell up and down, but eventually become more permanent and obvious.



The main concern of patients with malar mounds is that they make them look tired, ill and unhappy – none of which they are! Illustrated in the patient photos above, removal of malar mounds with surgery can restore a more youthful, healthy and happy appearance to affected patients.

Acknowledged around the world as an extremely difficult problem to deal with. I have pioneered a treatment of this area with a new surgical technique which is giving great long term results.

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