Lips have become one of the most popular body parts to treat with cosmetic procedures, such as fat transfer or lip fillers. But not many people have heard of a lip lift, a relatively simple, but effective procedure enhancing the lips and facial balance.

Dr Nettle performs lip lifts as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures, such as facelifts, and has refined his technique in a way that makes the scars well-hidden and almost invisible.

But what exactly is a lip lift? A lip lift basically cuts out a bit of skin right under the nose to decrease the size of the area between nose and upper lip. With age, this area tends to become larger as the lips droop, sometimes even changing the way our smiles look as the upper teeth aren’t showing much anymore.

To reverse this ageing process, the skin above the lips is lifted, which has the nice side effect of “rolling up” and volumising the upper lip slightly.

As Dr Nettle makes the incisions around the base of the nostrils, the scars are barely visible making this a very subtle procedure with little downtime.

The results are brilliant as the decreased area under the nose improves the overall appearance of the face, making it look younger and better proportioned.

Lip lifts can be performed under local anaesthetic if performed as a standalone procedure and take about 60 minutes. There is hardly any pain involved and bruising and swelling are minimal.

What differentiates this procedure from lip fillers, is the fact it is permanent and doesn’t require upkeep. Once your lip is lifted, it will stay lifted.

Just like hairline lowering, a lip lift is one of those procedures that offers instant impact as the difference is visible straight after the procedure. The below before and after shows the difference it made for one of Dr Nettle’s patients; the result is as stunning as it is natural.

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