Once the decision to have surgery is made, many clients are excited and nervous to see the results. Post op swelling is normal and once the skin settles, the new facial contours start to emerge.  I treat many patients post op with a complimentary Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to help decongest the lymph channels and aid in speedier recovery.

Patients’ main concerns pre-op are deeper lines, loss of facial contours and loss of youthfulness. Whilst facial surgery can tighten the skin and reduce lines, it cannot completely eradicate deeper lines or address skin texture. This is where I come in. I see many patients who have years of sun damage and/or diffuse redness and capillaries. These need to be addressed to get the best benefit from your surgery and give you the third criteria – a more youthful complexion. It is evident that signs of sun damage add years to people’s perception of a person’s actual age. BBL (broad band light) can address these concerns and is offered within the two-week period post op when patients need to come in to have stitches removed. Ideally, three treatments are needed to get the best benefit. A series of three treatments can also stimulate collagen production, an added rejuvenation boost post-surgery.  Patients make a huge investment to have surgery and sometimes falter to add a little bit more to get the best out of their surgery. Having BBL when the area is still numb is another benefit.

Some deeper lines and wrinkles cannot be erased with surgery. Therefore, Microlaserpeel (MLP) and Profractional is recommended for these patients. As time has already been taken off for surgery then this is the ideal time to invest in this procedure as downtime is required for this treatment.

We currently have a special offer for the month of July 2018:

MLP and Profractional at 20% off so if you would like to know more or see if you are a suitable candidate contact: 02 9375 3900 for an appointment where I can go through all the risks and benefits, procedure, downtime and give you a quote. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions and have a treatment plan tailored to your needs.