We find that reviews are a necessary evil if you like.

It is fantastic that clients are able to share their personal stories and surgical journeys with others. It can be quite comforting for clients to connect and talk to others before they choose their surgeon and for some it’s comforting whilst they are recovering after surgery to have someone “to talk to”.

We are currently listed on realself.com, which we have found to so far be the better of the review sites. The reason we say “better” is because there is a slightly less chance for reviews to be manipulated. However on all review sites reviews can be manipulated and it is good to be mindful of this fact. It is estimated that 30% of reviews on accommodation review sites are false.

If a review is accompanied by before and after photos it gives the review a bit more credibility. In fact it would be good if it were a mandatory requirement to post before and after photos in order for someone to be allowed to post a review.

Manipulation may occur by fabricating a positive review as well as fabricating negative reviews. If an outstandingly positive review is accompanied by before and after photo’s from the surgeon’s clinic with the surgeons logo on it this would be more transparent. In an ideal world this would make for a better and fairer review platform.

Examples of negative review abuse include situations where a client has had a great result but is unrealistic in their expectations, a disgruntled former employee of a clinic, another clinic that is perhaps jealous and uses the platform as a way to hurt another surgeon’s reputation. These examples of review site abuse are more common than you would think.

Bottom line is, use these sites cautiously, still do your own research offline and try to talk to nurses, friends and other medical providers who can give you honest, unbiased advice.

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