Laser treatments can be extremely effective when treating skin concerns, such as pigmentation or fine lines. However, it is crucial to do your research when choosing the right practitioner and lasers. A lot of places offer laser treatments at a cheaper price, but it all comes at the cost of your health.
Not only is it important to be treated with a medical-grade laser machine, but also to feel comfortable knowing that the practitioner is qualified and treating to the right protocol and guidelines.
If these guidelines are not followed, there is a higher risk of damage to the skin, sometimes resulting in severe burns and hyperpigmentation. While in some cases, the skin can heal, you are usually left with unsightly grazes; at other times you can be left with scarring.

laser-hair-removal-burns-2016-3_large-silkwood-medical-sydneyAt Dr Warwick Nettle, our certified dermal therapist Chrys Antoniou not only completed a laser safety course, but has also worked with various medical-grade lasers for the past six years. Our Sciton laser machine can only be operated in a qualified medical practice like ours, which complies to the latest safety standards.
We know that experience and quality matters and we only offer the most effective and safe treatments to our patients.
Autumn and winter is the perfect time to come in for a laser treatment and restore and rejuvenate your skin after it’s been exposed to the harsh Australian sun during summer.
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At Dr Warwick Nettle, we only offer safe and effective treatments that will leave you looking better than before instead of with a botched result.When you choose Silkwood Medispa for your laser treatment, these are the kind of results you can look forward to: