Ok this may ruffle a few feathers, especially as we are also in the public eye, and have appeared in countless magazines and on television. We feel however that it is our job to help educate the public to help protect them as much as we can from rogue practitioners. We are not just talking about the ones located in third world countries; more commonly these days we are talking about the ones located in our own backyard!

We often find that clients base their choice of surgeon for their life-changing surgery based on media perception. This is not a good idea! It is ok to pay attention to media, however it is more important to get a referral from someone you know, a friend, a nurse who works in theatres where the surgeon works, or from your local GP.

Clients also commonly make the mistake of picking a surgeon based on who they can get in to see quickly. Common sense should prevail at this time! Long waiting list usually equals popular, sought after surgeon. Short waiting list usually means the opposite. This of course is not always the case, as we all have late cancellations and opportunities to get clients in earlier on occasion.

We see how the media can mislead the public. It upsets us, as we know the “insider info”. We see client after client requiring revision surgery having based their choice of surgeon on what they have read in a magazine or seen on TV.

The general public may not be aware that with media you sometimes have to pay to be on TV or radio or in magazines. Not always, of course, but this is how the media usually make its money. So that means you could have someone really “bad” appear on TV or in a magazine. The public is lead to believe that because they are on TV or in a magazine that they must be a great surgeon!

We are not saying that media and magazines are not good, that would be hypocritical. What we are saying is do more research and don’t believe everything you read – take everything with a pinch of salt and dig deeper.

Revision surgery is so much more expensive and the emotional journey and the emotional scars left are usually worse than the physical ones.

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6 years of medical school + 1 year internship + 2 years surgical residency + 2 years general surgery training + 4 years plastic surgery training + 1 year plastic surgery Fellowship = 16 years of training to acquire the title of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Of course, Dr Nettle  has this title and the experience that comes along with it. Don’t accept any less if you’re considering surgery.